Pre Halloween Joke edition 2020 What can go wrong?

From the blogpage of wordfence (a old blog post – 2018)   A) How do you fix a vulnerability in your jack-o-lantern? With a pumpkin patch. B) Why are witches so good at deobfuscating malware? They know hex.   How about creating some good Halloween pranks: save this on your friends laptop, and make it … Read more

What Are Top 3 Cybersecurity Worries For SMB?

Since it is October and it is Cybersecurity Awareness month, I like to acknowledge this event at least once – so why not do a top 3 items to be worried about? Out of the myriad of items to discuss from past discussions: #1   Phishing and spam attacks through email, text, or any level (social … Read more

VPN Vulnerabilities show Work From Home(WFH) Weakness

NSA has a cybersecurity  advisory It says that Pulse SecureTM, Palo Alto GlobalProtectTM, and Fortinet FortigateTM VPN(Virtual Private Network) products have vulnerabilities 3 of them VPN CVEs being currently exploited include but may not be limited to: CVE-2019-11510 and CVE-2019-1153 which allow for remote arbitrary file downloads and remote code execution on Pulse Connect Secure … Read more

Who Is Responsible For Cyber Attacks? CEO or CIO?

Technewsworld has an interesting article: Cybersecurity Conundrum: Who’s Responsible for Securing IoT Networks? I do not want to focus on the IoT(Internet of Things) angle, instead pointing the spotlight  at the responsibility of the Cyber breach (assuming they get breached): {Global research and advisory firm Gartner predicts that, by 2024, 75 percent of CEOs will … Read more

If You Pay Ransomware Will You Have to Pay the US Treasury as Well?

KrebsonSecurity has a post that mentions that the department of the Treasury has a Ransomware Advisory pdf. The Treasury is advising you not to pay Ransomware if your device is ransomed (encrypted unless you pay for a decryption key): Companies that facilitate ransomware payments to cyber actors on behalf of victims, including financial institutions, cyber … Read more