Is Cybersecurity a Problem? or a Management Issue?

Is cybersecurity a problem to be dealt with or is it to be managed? (these questions were slightly changed from the presentation at RSA Conference in Asia –  Ian Yip CEO of Avertro – he brings up some good questions.   Let us delve a bit deeper into this question. Why should we care … Read more

Are DeepFakes something to Worry About?

Deepfakes are  computer generated images and footage of real people. I.e. a computer generated images or video from a program (or algorithm).  FireEye has a paper that discusses this phenomenon: Instead of talking theory and what happens once the cat is out of the bag, let’s give some good examples: “Criminals used artificial … Read more

Is Fraud On the Internet Hurting (Your) Business?

There is a LexisNexis report: “2020 True cost of Fraud Study”   Here are the 6 basic tenets of the report:   More fraud attacks translated to higher costs for merchants A surge in online and mobile channel activity increased fraud Trying to distinguish between real customers and bots is difficult Covid-19 or the Wuhan … Read more

How Many Businesses ACTUALLY have Cybersecurity Problems?

Yesterday’s story comes to mind as well as others recently that puts this issue back to the forefront. You know that when your company name is in the news for a Cybersecurity breach because your files are publicized by hackers your Cybersecurity practices have not been very effective. “The ransomware gang pinched files, including AutoCAD … Read more