Timeline of Ransomware as 2019 closes

So as we review the last year and really the last few years – what has changed in the last 10 years in the decade of the 2010’s.   There are many ransomware timelines – like at TCDI.com But what is the meaning of the ransomware review as we look at the last 15 years? … Read more

Small Company Cybersecurity basics: PCI Compliance!

Yes, the small company cyber security basics are included in PCI (Payment Card Industry)compliance. There are 12 steps to compliance: Firewall maintenance Change your default passwords (and create a password policy) Protect stored cardholder data (if you are not developing software or have a website that you are developing – this may not be necessary) … Read more

How to defend Against phishing attacks and more

  What better way to discuss phishing than an infographic? First: consider the From: field in an email In most emails they make sense – like  an email that comes from Netflix should say abc@netflix.com  not tello.com The from field is very important clue as to whether this is spam or phishing email or not. … Read more