Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy thanksgiving – and keep in mind hackers are on prowl as well – keep an eye on the spammers trying to swindle you from your hard earned money!! Eat well, but not too well 😉

Password Managers are Impossible to Hack?

How paranoid should you be when you want to devise methods of defending passwords? If someone accesses your computer (with malware or otherwise) and can now read off the RAM  it is possible to read the password manager  stream of data as it comes off/or on. So what is the best way to handle passwords? … Read more

“Cybersecurity News” and what to do with it

So what has happened that I want to make another post about “Cybersecurity News”? Microsoft states they will implement the new CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) across the nation by January 1, 2020 https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/2019/11/11/microsoft-california-privacy-rights/  November 11) 68000 patients of Methodist hospital impacted by Phishing attack  (By HIPAA Journal) (October 17)   https://www.hipaajournal.com/68000-patients-of-methodist-hospitals-impacted-by-phishing-attack/ Domain Registrar Network Solutions … Read more

What Does it Mean When Your Website’s Registrar is Hacked?

On October 16 Web.com, Networksolutions.com, and register.com had a breach, and as of Nov2nd there is no mention of anything like a breach on their website (web.com owns the others) The breach information was obtained from the always useful Krebsonsecurity.com site.   So what happens when your website’s registrar was hacked? It likely means all … Read more

Chrome Zero Day Vulnerability Noticed on Halloween

https://www.zdnet.com/article/halloween-scare-google-discloses-chrome-zero-day-exploited-in-the-wild/ ZDNet points out that Google Chrome has a Zero-day vulnerability – which means you cannot patch or fix your Chrome Browser. The above image is from a Mac Chrome browser, thus I want to make sure you know any Chrome browser (including on Android or IPhone as well). I have discussed Zero-Day vulnerabilities before … Read more