Internet Cameras Vulnerable to Attacks With No Fix

If there is no way to fix a vulnerability what do you do if you have a camera with a vulnerability? Here is the quote on Threatpost (from the engineer that found the flaw): “Over 2 million vulnerable devices have been identified on the internet, including those distributed by HiChip, TENVIS, SV3C, VStarcam, Wanscam, NEO … Read more

Review of “Anon” movie

In the spirit of a lighter fare this Sunday. Watching Anon (again) it is an interesting futuristic movie where there is a video recording of everything. Apparently everyone has a recording method and Clive Owen the actor, playing Sal Frieland is an investigator that needs to find a murderer. Apparently there is a hacker that … Read more

The Enemy Has Say With Your Best Plans

In the field of Cybersecurity we have to do a lot of basic things: as discussed in So what is your plan?  Firewall, Antivirus, IT people vigilance, updating devices and software… What are your enemies’ plans? When your enemy actually interacts with your employees it  shows. There are always business level threats (where employees … Read more

Malware, Routers Injected, Stolen Identities, Just Another Cyberday

A few headlines in a day or 2 – are typical day at the Cybersecurity Office.   Verizon Routers command injection flaw could impact millions of routers. High Severity flaw CVE=8.5. “The vulnerabilities exist in the API backend of the Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway (G1100), which supports the administrative web interface.” Exodus Spyware attacking Apple … Read more

No Mas- Uncle!!! IT Departments Under Siege

We are inundated with constant headlines Thousands and sometimes millions of records stolen by hackers(the bad guys). In fact the worst breaches are health records as in this article at Forbes. “The number of annual health data breaches increased 70% to 344 over the past seven years, with 75% of the breached, lost, or stolen … Read more