Why Is It Cybersecurity Pros Make It Complicated?

We say things like: DO NOT CLICK ON Phishing emails!! But then Equifax creates www.experianidentityservice.co.uk ???  or creditexpert.co.uk/login/login Bsides in London earlier this year had a presentation by Meadow Ellis (@notameadow). Meadow makes a good point, as we as Cybersecurity professionals ask users to be careful what you click, and then  somebody in the company … Read more

SAML Attacks can break down Single Sign-On(SSO)

Area41 Defconswitzerland had an interesting video about attacking Single Sign-on technology SAML – Security Assertion Markup Language  (basic tutorial on SAML) There are a few ways an attack can happen, while the initial connections are made (and all certificate info is exchanged or other info needed. Or after the initial connection was made and now the … Read more

Smart Cameras have Cybersecurity Problems

Everything has cybersecurity problems if it is not built with some security in mind at least. One should not build security after building the product, it tends to be ad-hoc or kluge. Tom’s Guide has a good article of several cameras, it happens that AV-TEST evaluated 8 IP(Internet Protocol) cameras. Only 3 cameras received 3 … Read more