Can European Regulation Help You Design Data Privacy?

There is a great video overview of what it is GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation): “Preparing for GDPR” by John Elliott, head of payment security, EasyJet Make no mistake, bureaucrats like to look at each others notes, so if a “new” regulatory method is coming … the US and Asia is watching.  In fact the GDPR … Read more

The Real Problem With Facebook Privacy Issues

We can easily read the latest news on Facebook’s transgression of not protecting privacy of 50 million users on the CNN website ,  on 2015 this ‘hack’ supposedly happened and Facebook ‘let’ it happen. I guess the media and the rest of the world was not paying attention, as in 2009 Dark Reading story: “Private … Read more

Replace your Wi-Fi Router if 2yr+ old

Insignary had some research and created a report that looked into the binary code of most of the routers on the market. Technewsworld has  a story… And Business Insider has a story The short story is that many router companies do not update their devices which would mean customers would have to upgrade firmware, which … Read more

Attack Life Cycle Changed By Cloud

Great video from BSides Columbus Ohio 2018 : “Zero to Owned in 1 Hour” That is an interesting review of how the new potential weaknesses are in the Cloud itself. Human Access to the cloud can be a weak point. AWS (Amazon Web Services) Does Multi-factor Authentication work with multiple people running things? Service Provider (cloud … Read more