How bad is it? Will Cybersecurity get worse?

I know there are many macro statistics, which we have discussed on this site: Describing The Cyber Neigborhood For example Cisco determined that by 2020 there will be 50 Billion devices on the Internet. And we are well on our way to create this prediction.  Bla bla bla… Forgive me for a minute… I don’t … Read more

Cyberjoke Friday v1.97 quotes edition

Here are some great quotes that should keep you thinking about How much security is needed. These quotes are from Security is always excessive until it’s not enough. — Robbie Sinclair, Head of Security, Country Energy, NSW Australia Here is a long one: Those of us in security are very much like heart doctors — cardiologists. … Read more

Is it a Trick if Pushed to do Right Thing?

Ho do we convince people that don’t  know enough to make an educated decision? If we trick them into making the right decision is that ok? Cybersecurity is not obvious to the regular person (or the minimal IT educated CxO). What do the three pictures above have in common? Anonymous, local hacker, and criminal hacker … Read more