How do we usher in 2017 by improving our situation?

Of course one way we could do that is to be in continuous improvement mode instead of thinking about this every year.

But YEAR END — NEW YEAR  is a good time to make assessments and plans.

In making plans we have to keep in mind the biggest story of 2016:  Ransomware payouts moving to $1 Billion per year from an IBM study:  70% of businesses infected with Ransomware have paid to regain their business data.

A survey was done by IBM and executives were willing to pay up to $50,000 to retrieve data.  In fact out of the 600 surveyed half actually had Ransomware demands, and many paid even up to $40,000.

If the price is right the victim pays (it depends on what was on the computer)

70% of executives who were a victim of Ransomware paid to resolve the hack.

50% of these would pay about $10,000 and 20% would pay $40,000.


So if we look at hacking as a business model (from the Ransomware hacker point of view)let’s say 1000 business computers “ransomed”  extrapolating from above IBM survey

Then 350 would pay $10,000 and 200 at $40,000

which means $3.5mil and$8mil just for those 550, where the other 150 likely in the $400 range  which is equal to $60,000.


So now we are talking millions of dollars (at least 11mil for 550 infected).  Of course one may have to infect 1100 to get this rate, but attacking thousands of computers is not hard once the infrastructure is in place/

You can see that the Criminals are going to ramp up attacks as this is very lucrative.

This is my July 30 post about a scrap processor which got malware and then was swindled out of money.

And this image is from Jul 2015 which reviews the cost of potential Ransomware and other costs to recover from a Ransomware attack.


2017 will be much worse – (as 2016 was worse than 2015). So we have to prepare.

Everyone is preparing for next year including the Hacker Criminals so better prepare yourself.

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