Cyberjoke Friday v1.94

  After another crazy week have to create Cyberjoke post for weekend: Here are some images -sometimes better to explain cybersecurity with jokes…   above image is from At the following website therewere several apt Dilbert cartoons and also many open source free tools listed: 100+ Open Source/Free Security Tools  

Password Manager Lastpass Has Security Flaw

Unfortunately another flaw in software for which we expect to have _none_, at least in security software written in ZDNet¹ post: This just in 7/28/16 story by Cnet – Looks like Lastpass fixed another bug quickly… Tavis Ormandy (a Google Project Zero hacker) used a couple of tweets to point out security flaws in Lastpass LastPass is … Read more

Hackers Please Attack Us

What does this Headline mean to you?  From the Talos Intelligence website¹. The text may be a bit hard to read, so here it is: Intel HD Graphics Windows Kernel Driver (igdkmd64) Code Execution Vulnerability Vulnerability: CVE-2016-5647 Summary: A vulnerability exists in the communication functionality of Intel Graphics Kernel Mode Driver. A specially crafted message can cause … Read more

Chip&Pin Credit Card Adoption 8 million merchants missing?

We know EMV should be installed in your credit card acceptance machines by October of 2015 (so already 9 months past) as per PCI compliance standard. The New Pin and Chip cards are also called EMV cards (Europay Mastercard and Visa).  Pin and Chip logo above is from UK site – and it looks good. Above … Read more

Have a happy 4th of July Weekend

  Happy 4th of July weekend!!! In Greece on the first of every month we say Kalo Mina = have a good month. Since this is the first day of the 3rd quarter and before a long weekend..   In cybersecurity the hackers do not sleep and in fact holiday weekends are looked at for … Read more