Does Anybody Respect Cybersecurity?

There is a problem from the board rooms to the Human Resource departments¹ and more. In the nextgov article it a survey shows that Human resource departments rank cybersecurity  as “unimportant” or “very unimportant” So what does a Cybersecurity professional do? Tuck tail and run?  Mope i.e. be depressed? No we must educate. We must … Read more

Cybersecurity Conundrums

Of the Wired story¹ about FBI agent using Ukrainian hacker Popov to do their bidding there are many storylines: A criminal hacker wanted to turn and become legitimate – making money in the USA. FBI abused the hacker from Day1 for 3 years The FBI hierarchy did not know what they really had, but a … Read more

Can Logs be Changed By Hackers?

The latest information about a Romanian hacker getting into the ” Hillary Clinton server” interests me. The hacker claimed that hackers sometimes do not leave a trail.  So I don’t want to focus on whether it happened or not(or the ramifications of he hack – politics etc). Just on the comment of not leaving a trail … Read more

“New” PCI Compliance v3.2 now published

PCI – Payment Card Industry v3.2¹ is now in effect As of April 2016 published date. So what has changed? What else do merchant vendors and providers have to do to keep “DSS Compliant” status.   Remember our post on December 2015² ?  It noted that SSL technology for Internet commerce is not good enough … Read more