Cyberjoke Friday v1.92

Another Cyberjoke installment on this day in April: All I can say is that maybe we can learn more from jokes than telling you not to do something…. Phishing – Dilbert more phishing  – Beattie And a real news story from England¹:   It is tough when a command does what it is supposed to … Read more

How-to-Hack HackingTeam

A great write-up¹ of how the HackingTeam and more were hacked (I recommend that you download it as it may likely be gone soon enough) – 04/19. Let’s do a quick review of his (antisec)  document and remind you that the Italian Company name is Some enterprising media or bloggers have changed the name to … Read more

Twilight Zone Friday – April15th

What is the worst nightmare of IT admins and users alike? Losing your data  – with no backup. So what did we learn? Sometimes it is not a hacker with some mechanism to get you to fork over money…In the following story some people are setting their phones to 1970, for which the phone or … Read more