Another Hospital Computer System Down Due to Ransomware

Deutsche Welle¹ has the story (a German  language news site that also has English sections) German hospital Lukas Hospital (Krankenhaus)   GmbH is a type of corporation in Germany. The hospital apparently downloaded malware in an email and then infected the X-ray system among others. The X-ray system is now unable to work affecting patient … Read more

Kurzweil Says Singularity in AI + Chip Advances Coming – No Mention of Cybersecurity

Here is Neil deGrasse Tyson  vs. Ray Kurzweil on “The Singularity” The conversation starts with John von Neumann (with Ray claiming von Neumann the creator of computer) The idea is John von Neumann¹ created the first computers (great Mathematician who helped build the atomic bomb with this task of building a computer since the calculations necessary … Read more

Now Criminals Ransom 6800 Hospital Computers

2016 Has Arrived – the First of Many Shoes to be dropped unfortunately. My apologies for the sensationalist story… Wired magazine Story¹ Los Angeles Hospital  Presbytarian Medical center computers have not worked for a week – being ransomed for $3.4Mil in bitcoin and “only then” will get back in business. Even now the CEO Allen … Read more

Don’t Just Check Cybersecurity Compliance Boxes

Have you heard this claim before? Working on just PCI compliance is not enough! What about the 109 pages of compliance checks in V3.1 of the PCI DSS Standards(Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard)¹ document is lacking in Cybersecurity? There are 12 sections in the document: Firewall installation and configuration, roles of network admins, paperwork and … Read more

Cybersecurity Threats: How To Handle Them?

Sarah Clarke (at Infospectives¹) pushes the thoughts of  Threat Management and discussion of potential Risks in this new Cyber world that we live in. Why do I take this blogpost and want to discuss the topic of Cybersecurity threats? It is true that IBM and every Consulting company doing security work wants to play up this … Read more