Cybersecurity Threats: How To Handle Them?

Sarah Clarke (at Infospectives¹) pushes the thoughts of  Threat Management and discussion of potential Risks in this new Cyber world that we live in.

Why do I take this blogpost and want to discuss the topic of Cybersecurity threats?

It is true that IBM and every Consulting company doing security work wants to play up this “THREAT” and yell it from the rooftops.

It is not only because they want to make higher revenues like every profit seeking company that is beholden to shareholders. But it is also because there is a threat  – a legitimate threat



This image is from the blogpost and it shows that out of various economic threats there are 2 out of ten risks that are Cybersecurity related

#9 data fraud or theft  (IP or internal theft)

#10 Cyber attacks (these are what most of the attacks that we read about in paper

This is the real problem of Cybersecurity. It is not the only disaster that can occur.

Out of 10 issues to have in a companies’ life that would be disastrous there are likely 8 non-cyber disasters

My list is here for companies:

  1. Economy fails and all companies in industry have problems
  2. New technologies make current method of work obsolete.
  3. Incompetence of employees
  4. Bad luck
  5. weather catastrophe
  6. War causes failures
  7. Unforeseen circumstances which are different from 1-6
  8. Backup for regular IT does not work. regular IT failed.

9&10 cyber reasons


So, I definitely understand why there would be a misunderstanding of the role of cybersecurity in company operations.

First of all the company has to keep operating, and so the REAL issue of Cybersecurity is that the company gets attacked without knowing, and how the Cyberattack is insiduous.   Months will go by and if you do not have any plan for taking into account


The biggest problem we have is that there is the consistent increase of technology. It is not going away.

We moved from Phones to Faxes on phones, email on the phone line, and so on to broadband on cable or wireless.

Technology will always move forward so we have to incorporate the new thieves as well.

So that is the REAL problem – inattention and complacency. since it is only 10-20% of all problems.


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