2016 Cisco Annual Security Report Insight

The report is located here http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/assets/offers/pdfs/cisco-asr-2016.pdf in case you want to read it.   As the image conveys there are 9515 users paying ransomware every month. which is $34 million in yearly income for the criminals from this  single campaign.   As I have mentioned before there are still large potential numbers of computers susceptible to … Read more

With Next Gen Firewall: Security Issue Solved?

So it is late in January, with a new firewall installed my Cybersecurity issue is resolved… Right? In the Cybersecurity field pictures are hard to come by, so we resort to ancient castle pictures: So you just installed a moat around your castle and now you think the castle is safe???  (i.e. just installed the … Read more

With This Hack Take Over Verizon Email Accounts

Randy Westergren¹ figured out a way to hijack a Verizon FiOS account  (FiOS is a bundled Internet, telephone, and TV service)   Randy was doing research into a vulnerability of compromised email accounts for the FiOS app,  and found a problem with the reset my password method on the Verizon website. With a few computer … Read more

Darknet Has All Our Data – Including When And How We Vote

Remember This? My Blogpost from Dec 29, which is essentially a review of all hacks in 2015, when you tally everything up you get to 120 million records hacked and compiled potentially.   Now we have David Krebs in his blog Krebsonsecurity¹ stating the disturbing trend of using the Darknet data in warranty fraud. Using … Read more