Happy New Year 2016 – Criminals Want $7Bil PC Market That Patches Late

For your end of year review – check the following links which lead to the calculation of $7Bil PC market for criminals. A review of 2015:  http://oversitesentry.com/criminal-hackers-got-your-data-in-2015/ If you are not improving cybersecurity in the new year – read this at least to see what could be coming to you:   http://oversitesentry.com/a-single-link-can-destroy-your-data/ or this one: http://oversitesentry.com/is-your-it-system-low-hanging-fruit-for-criminal-hackers/ Summary … Read more

Criminal Hackers Got Your Data in 2015

Carefirst Breach(1) May-  1.1 mil members   Hackers gained access to names, birthdates email, and subscriber info, passwords Anthem – Premera Blue Cross(2) January –  80 mil patients – personal information taken (all)   Harvard university and other universities (3) – 28 known education breaches totalling 1 million compromised records.  likely all personal information – passwords etc. … Read more

A Single Link Can Destroy Your Data

If you click on the wrong link  this is what can happen: But besides losing all your data if you have other peoples information on your computers now that data can be stolen and deleted or unable to be retrieved if it is encrypted. Ransomware is a scourge that is difficult to fix, if not … Read more

Is Your IT System Low Hanging Fruit For Criminal Hackers?

A couple of questions come mind:  How can the Criminal Hacker tell if my system is weak and thus “Low hanging fruit” What will the criminal hacker do with my systems? How much do you REALLY trust your situation? Criminals have ways of finding your weaknesses – if you have one they will find it. … Read more