SmartTV Can Get Malware & Ransomware

Are you considering buying a SmartTV for the office?   Here is Symantec’s Blogpost discussing a Smart TV infection: (Symantec Blog is #26 on our  Security News Analyzed page)   Now your TV can get infected with Ransomware as well. What Operating Systems can a smartTV have? Tizen, WebOS 2.0, Firefox OS, or Android … Read more

Cyberjoke Friday Thanksgiving edition

Just the quotes please: From the top50 funny computer quotes 12. “Difference between a virus and windows ? Viruses rarely fail.”  ( a reminder that viruses are more successful than computer programs sometimes) 14. “The Internet: where men are men, women are men, and children are FBI agents.” (a reminder that not everyone is … Read more

ChipAndPin Technology hacked – Breaches Only a Matter of Time

Samy Kamkar is at it again:   Samy Kamkar is a unique hacker as he hacks with small hardware devices such as his previous device OpenSesame(Opens garage doors):   My last post was to explain the process of hacking a bit, which Samy uses to just figure out a way to do things … Read more

Healthcare CEO Does Not Mention Cybersecurity

It looks like Lynn Vos has a Blog at the Huffington Post and her latest post: “Luddites and Errors and Barriers, Oh My!” She makes some good points that it is difficult if not impossible to contact your doctor via email. several studies are cited that show healthcare providers are difficult to contact via methods that … Read more