How much Security is enough?

Tim Wilson at DarkReading is discussing a little on how to discuss security issues, goals, and concerns. Of course his message is a basic and simple one how much should anyone be concerned with security.   A business has to have sales to operate. To have sales, there must be customer service, installation and other essential … Read more

Ransomware: Scourge of Cybersecurity

Ransomware is a scourge of evil – turning all of your data useless. from NetworkWorld  Unfortunately this is a typical message(which are getting more sophisticated – attackers are allowing one file to be decrypted)   Here is a Cryptolocker 2.0 message     Fortunately not all ransomware actually works as prescribed. Here are just a … Read more

Where does PCI Compliance Fail?

Put another way if everyone keeps saying being PCI compliant does not mean being secure, where exactly does this occur – the failure of PCI compliance? One major difference is that PCI compliance does not cover security breaches outside of credit card number information. The law covers notifications of security breaches on Personally Identifiable Information … Read more

Targeted Attacks on the Rise

Increasing attacks on networks are targeted attacking specific industries. The  focus is on the wording, malware, spam, and click baits. This makes sense since if the easiest attacks are against users and the attacker depends on people either clicking on spam email or clicking on some website link that is laced with malware.  The malware … Read more