Ransomware is a scourge of evil – turning all of your data useless.

from NetworkWorld 

Unfortunately this is a typical message(which are getting more sophisticated – attackers are allowing one file to be decrypted)



Here is a Cryptolocker 2.0 message




Fortunately not all ransomware actually works as prescribed.

Here are just a few de-crypter sites to try before even thinking of giving money to the criminals.



Now it seems that government offices and private businesses as well as single consumers are being attacked from these malicious malware which turns into ransomware.


As I have said in past blog posts:

Unplug your Synology devices http://oversitesentry.com/unplug-your-synology-devices-cryptolocker-ransomware-will-encrypt/

The result of Command and Control http://oversitesentry.com/command-control-traffic-from-inside-network/  is ransomware



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