Smart Cameras have Cybersecurity Problems

Everything has cybersecurity problems if it is not built with some security in mind at least. One should not build security after building the product, it tends to be ad-hoc or kluge.

Tom’s Guide has a good article of several cameras, it happens that AV-TEST evaluated 8 IP(Internet Protocol) cameras.

Only 3 cameras received 3 stars out of 3 (best stat): Logitech Circle, Myfox Security Camera, and the Netgear Arlo.  D-Link and Hanhwa Techwin need to get updates. Samsung Smartcam had  a new vulnerability that was found in March. And the unknown brands should just be thrown out.

 Logitech’s Circle above.  (a new one Circle 2 is available now)

Why focus on cameras? because they are easy to set up but not as easy to keep up and secure.

What happens when new firmware is released? How long until you update the camera? the camera requires a password and then upload the file – update, and ‘reboot’.

These new cameras also have cloud accounts or mobile apps, which may need updating too.

MyFox security camera is also a good option. (Made by Somfy protect, here is Somfy tech support page).

The other “top camera” in the review is:

Netgear Arlo has many options in cameras

Security light, Pro2, Pro, regular, Go, Q, Q plus, and baby

So you bought a nice camera, set up the Wifi, and the app on your phone.  Now you can keep an eye on a certain area from anywhere you have phone service. Pretty good right?

Now in a year or so, a new vulnerability comes out, and you have to upgrade the firmware. Where was that password again?

this year’s top product become next years liabilities (remember the Intel/AMD security problem in all processors).

So better do some documentation of the camera devices, and keep track of the vulnerabilities just like all the other computer devices on your network.


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