Achieve True Privacy Protections

Your data and your customer data must be protected and in such a manner that even a breach in an area is not making it easy for the criminal to get the last link and thus the whole database.  Losing a portion of customer data is bad, but losing all of it is much worse.

So just like we have a layered defense in our network a layered defense of the database  is essential.

Before we  discuss technical details it is good to lay out how we intend to use the customer and employee data.

Because the technical people should look at a document that says how you will use data so that  customers, vendors, and employees know what is happening(or supposed to happen).

Also knowing what to do when there is a failure is important.

So we need to answer the following:

  1. Where is the data?
  2. Who has data?
  3. Why is data kept?
  4. What data is kept?
  5. How is data kept is a technical issue, and should be answered if encryption is answered.
  6. When will data be kept til? Forever? or is there a time lapse?
  7. How much data will be kept? (similar to what?) but can clarify the amount and size.


The new data privacy compliance law in the EU is GDPR(General Data protection regulation) and we have discussed this before at “Can European Regulation Help You Design Data Privacy”

In the us there are NIST(National Institute of Standards & Technology) standards – specifically 800-171. Which this company (Imprimis) has a video and discusses the complete process to go through to get yourself compliant for government oversight/ contracts.

The interesting slide is the next one that discusses the continuous compliance state one must build into any program


continuous monitoring, training and improvements must be done while performing quarterly periodic scans, and annual assessments.


We have discussed periodic scans before: our recon scan and vulnerability assessments

NIST 800-171 is the defacto standard of the US government and all of the contractors, sub-contractors, and anyone who is handling classified or CUI(Controlled Unclassified Information) data.  there are 110 items that one has to write an assessment on. So if your data is classified/unclassified one has a framework to work in.

PCI Payment card industry has a new version out (as of May 2018)  Summary of changes link

basically this latest compliance update is just a confirmation of TLS v1.1 or higher and some errata fixes.  Our post: Internet insecure without TLS

So although everyone has different data to place in the  Who, What, When, Why, Where, and how/how much we need to review and constantly improve our data storage and redemption states.


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Sophisticated Method to Hack Your Network Devices

So the Criminal hackers have to get more sophisticated as some networks are patching their devices.


You must have heard of the Casino that got breached through a thermometer in the fish tank?  We get excited with new capabilities of Internet connectivity. But unfortunately we forget that a Cybersecurity weak device can open doors for criminal hackers.  You have a firewall right? It defeats the easy entry of a hacker.

But what if the hacker is already in your network? How? Somehow they were able to make the connection…

“Wicked Botnet uses passel of exploits to target IoT”by has an interesting paragraph:

“It scans ports 8080, 8443, 80 and 81 by initiating a raw socket SYN connection; if a connection is established, it will attempt to exploit the device and download its payload,” explained researchers Rommel Joven and Kenny Yang, in the analysis. “It does this by writing the exploit strings to the socket. The exploit to be used depends on the specific port the bot was able to connect to.”

Since other previous malware has already infected the easy to infect routers, the  botnets now have to infect using exploit tactics.  This is typical of old and new tactics as the cybersecurity landscape changes quickly.

This new botnet is called “Wicked Botnet uses passel of exploits to target IoT”  and scans for ports 80,81,8443, and 8080.

Unfortunately  there are cloud based problems as well:

Nolacon2018 had Sean Metcalf discuss this very issue

There is a specific issue  Sean is concerned about

because every 2 minutes password synchronization has to occur for Azure cloud, thus an attacker can capture the stored password hash, and then try to guess it at their leisure.

The reality is the hacker will always try to use the technologies that you use to outfox and steal your money, data, and anything else they can.

In some ways it is always a losing game – a catch-up if you will. We have to defend everything, and all the criminals have to do is to attack and succeed in one spot.

So we have to do the proper risk management analysis to figure out where to put most of our time and resources.

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100 days to find adversary in Network: Do I hear 50?

How can we improve the odds of finding a criminal hacker in our networks?   (My old blogpost in 2017 discusses some threats in your network “Insider Threats: No1 Cybersecurity Problem” in case you want to review)

A great video on this topic is the following video from BSides Charm2018

In this part of the video they are explaining all the logs and where the logs should be sent.  The idea to send the logs to Splunk is to then create a ticket or an SMS alert to a team.  After Splunk receives data you have to configure Splunk to  create SMS alerts and tickets.

There are specific items to look for in your logs to help you find the criminal hacker.monitoring email

monitor who accesses OWA (Outlook Web Access), monitor the attachments sent out, file transfers.

Web traffic, monitor proxy logs – what sites get accessed? Who is trying to go to dangerous websites.


Create daily reports and then you will see what is normal.

Every environment is different, with varying needs for compliance and other needs (HIPAA compliance is likely not needed from a Flower retailer).

The above diagram in the video is the most important diagram for you to understand and digest:

I.e. most companies and people end up logging everything and thus do not check anything (because you cannot drink from a firehose) OR log very little – nothing.   So this is why one must understand what is important in logging to you.

Even though it may be different with every company there will be a specific report that will become a goto report that you will review daily for suspicious behavior. Do not become a statistic which says you do not see the criminal hacker in your network for 100 days, or are told of a breach by law enforcement.  That means you will know at that time that IT has not done their job (too late of course).


Get ahead of future problems, and contact us to review your logging environment.

Cyberjoke Friday v1.993 May2018 edition


(Image from

I found interesting how we are moving toward more robotic capabilities without the understanding of the  Cyber Criminal potential mischief. story about a new AI “feature” of Google


Apparently Google AI can make calls with a very convincing human voice, so now Cyber criminals will up their game. I can’t make anything else with this then include it in a Robo joke edition blogpost…