Newsflash: The Internet is Not Secure

Am reading one of the articles from my Security Analyzed page at Network World

William Yaeger created the multi protocol router


Christmas 1979 it happened.

{Yeager goes on to describe how they used router technology as a connection from the Standford Medical School to the Department of Computer Science.  He describes the order from his boss at Stanford that lead to the technology development: ” ‘You’re our networking guy. Go do something to connect the computer science department, medical center and department of electrical engineering.”   Soon enough, the code for this routing became the standard at Stanford}


Notice in this interview by a reporter to Bill Yaeger, there is no mention of security. No mention of making sure a financial transaction will be safe.


So yes we know this right?

In 1979 the first routers were built and soon thereafter Cisco got the license to this code (1986).

This is what was built in a basic format:  from 1981

Protocol Layering

                        |     higher-level    |
                        |        TCP          |
                        |  internet protocol  |
                        |communication network|


Even this has no security built in, the document is just designed to teach how the actual connection was made, and this is what Bill Yaeger was focusing on. So now we have to live with this communication development as we build ontop the security protocols (https, ssh and more)


In a way it is amazing what has been done. But unfortunately it is not good enough.

we need to test our setups to make sure everything works as it should.

We want secure comm(input)  —>  technology modifications(website- firewall – and more) —> what do we get? (output)



We must test the communication technologies in a way that will let us know there are secure communications as we expect.  Test the ports, test for vulnerabilities, the applications. And we can do things in a manner that will make sense to you.


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