Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

For example – Apache Tomcat is a type of web server, and certain versions have a RCE vulnerability:

The above is at page…

It highlights a RCE vulnerability from April 2019

So if the CGI servlet is not disabled then a problem could arise.

RCE remote code execution – implies one can execute code remotely. And this is exactly the problem, since this is how worms are built and run.

A program like a webserver – has to run all the time, and if it gets rogue code it will run it with a RCE bug if you allow it.

we have created the above images from worm pictures, text and the Apache Tomcat logo to try to illustrate the way an attacker will create code to infect thousands of systems using a wormlike structure.

If you search for wormlike cybersecurity you will find the worm called wannacry and NotPetya – example a story from 2017



What can go wrong? — Don’t worry your computers are not important, and they won’t get hacked. except they will if they are not patched – from faceless programs that infect other machines  automatically without any feelings or other standard thoughts. The computer program will infect and move from system to system until the overlord hacker has thousands of computers at their disposal.


Contact us to discuss this phenomenon. How can you remove these risks from your organization?

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