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Test Your Firewall With 3 Free Scans

There are ways for you to check your own firewall/router that you connect to:

This is a free service that does a quick basic scan

here is my firewall being queried:




here is also a great site which allows you to see what your own website or DNS is giving out to the world at large:


Here is the Online Port Scanner from subnetonline:

There are also many port scan response codes in case you are interested as well.


How about this site


Also how about this testing page:



Those are the 4 free scanners, and with a free scanner your mileage will vary.  I added an extra one in case there were problems with one.

Did you know there are 65536 ports? the reason is that 2 bytes are used for the number of the port being used in each packet. If there are 2^16 numbers of ports(which is equal to 65536)

Not all ports are normally in use, but there are some that are not frequently used.


So if you do not do a FULL scan manually with nmap or even use a properly scripted netcat with open ports then these “automated” scans may not be worth much – but no suprise with free stuff.



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