Reviewing all #cybersecurity changes in 2015

the biggest one in my book is Windows 2003 no more patches after the summer.

From the Microsoft website:

Windows Server 2003 support will end:

173 Days: 12 Hours :56 Minutes : 29 Seconds
173 days come faster than you think, so please do  the right thing – Philotimo update your servers.

Our Youtube video (regarding ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ- Philotimo in case you are rusty in Greek)

PCI compliance will require pentesting quarterly starting 6/30/2015 – especially if you have 20000 or more transactions per year. (annually otherwise)


Also in October 2015 the new credit cards “Pin and chip” will be sent to bank customers so you better be ready with some new machines (it is a good time now to plan for this event).

The breach laws will likely be changed to 30 days, so if you get breached you have 30 days to notify your customers, this may be difficult if you are like most companies and will not realize  breach occured for 214 days    Our Youtube  video regarding breach information and the FTC chairwoman commissioner Edith Ramirez suggesting to build security into your companies.


IoT (Internet of things) is getting larger – as the CES show has already shown.



There will be more people on the Internet

cisco internet of things

So there will be more good and bad hospitalshackedpeople on the Internet:

So more malware Mac-Malware

more attacks sony-hacked


Ransomware has already upgraded to 3.0 (from the “old2.0)


morepredatorsthanprey   You can argue there could be more predators than prey (as discussed in BlackHat2014)

My apologies, but the only thing to do is to review your security policies, set up testing, IDS and IPS systems – this is our wheelhouse – contact Us before we get busy.

Or at the following:





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