The challenges of Security in a map

This is one of the many mindmaps from Aman Hardikar: You can see that it is not only network firewalls and websites that need to be reviewed.   A security architecture needs to be developed from security principles within procedures and goals laid out within business objectives.  

XSS = Cross Site Scripting – dangerous website vulnerability

XSS is something every website should be aware of – test for it, because the bad hackers do. Netsparker  is a good site to explain some of the potential attacks. The effect of XSS is to use the website to extract information, and even bypass the defenses of the server. In some cases if the … Read more

How would you know if your website was targeted by hackers?

The _only_ way is to test your site… review your potential services and programs running on the website Use the alpha service evaluation sample Or try the Sigma (∑) service evaluation sample   either way you will have a better picture of your hacker liability today. Contact Us

New Microsoft Word vulnerability

Technet link – specific wording: The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted RTF file using an affected version of Microsoft Word, or previews or opens a specially crafted RTF email message in Microsoft Outlook while using Microsoft Word as the email viewer. An attacker who successfully exploited the … Read more

Sample report

we have placed a sample evaluation on our site (the alpha-A scan) Here we have scanned a server and found it had a few services turned on that should not have been. (Telnet and ftp should be replaced with a secure version, such as ssh and scp) The web services need to be tested … Read more