How did the Attacker Gain Entry?

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In the realm of incidence reporting and response Management: CERT has a process to use. One has to have a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) A security incident occurs when unwanted scans and attacks are happening. Breaking a security policy is also a security incident.   Of course breaking into a server and stealing data […]


Dont pick up stray USB hard drives

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Another social engineering hacking method is to leave USB hard drives for unsuspecting people. article goes into some details of why the USB hard drive is insecure and can be easily programmed with malware (malicious software). This malware can be designed to inject itself into your computer, or a server. and without you knowing it […]


What systems did the attacker access?

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Will your company ever ask this question?     Hopefully the FBI does not call you … As Jim Aldridge from Mandiant says in this youtube video the first thing that will happen is the FBI will call you in a somewhat cryptic manner… Tell you the systems that were compromised and what systems compromised them. That’s […]