I am trying yet again to illustrate the enhanced risk we all take when we have friends, family, work connections, philanthropic connections, and many other connections.


In fact let us just call them social media X connections, family, work, and friends.


How many friends and other people do you talk to on a regular basis? On social media, your email, other electronic methods(text).


My graphics person set up a single infographic:

It is a good representation of what I was thinking – that ME/EGO is connected to Email, LinkedIn, and Facebook connections, but I don’t think it gives a proper understanding of the risks involved with each connection.

This image is not an Infographic, it is an illustration trying to explain that each item within each person (Email lists, cell phone, social media, home computer, blog posts, networking events, and 3rd parties) can be a source of risk or eventual hack and then lead to ransomware.



The reason why we are having such a hard time with ransomware (and it is only apparent after you have it).

Each connection can have a possible entry point with unforeseen consequences.

Contact me to make this image even better – to reach more people and get them to work on their cybersecurity!



By zafirt

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