Fri. May 27th, 2022

Let us not make the same mistakes as we may have done in the past when it was time to move to a new year.

We should review the current year(2021)

So what happened in 21 that may be different with 22?

What should we focus on planning for new year? Of course Jocko Willink philosophy is not to treat 1/1/xx any different than any other day. Youtube  – New Year Strategy, Jocko Willink 

His point is to think strategically with your time all the time – not just on 1/1 or in January. strategic thinking means to keep in mind your goals – let’s say you need to lose 10 pounds. Short-term thinking might think about the food eating sensation, but strategic thinking thinks more in line as to “remember you want to lose weight”.

So how does this thinking help us in Cybersecurity? Think Strategically means to think about the possibilities in risk management. The following image attempts to explain the possibilities of different vulnerabilities in your environment.


To get a clearer view of risks – one has to perform risk management which means testing the environment and thus revealing the different types of high/medium/low vulnerabilities. Sometimes performing risk management takes a lot of time, but in my book I go over a better method which should be used to improve your risk analysis over the long term.

For example: A high impact server with a high risk vulnerability means a higher risk. If this higher risk is not acceptable then one has to make decisions to lower the risk. Is it better to evaluate your risk on 1/1/22 or 1/10/22?  In my opinion it would be good to have a system in place to evaluate risk and figure out what to do about it. My book explains risk management and if you need to get a legup on this topic then pick it up here.

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