Krebs notes Lizard attacked Sony with home routers

The hacker group Lizard Squad  that attacked Sony and Microsoft on Christmas day:

This was the result of their attack:

sonysitenotavl playstationstore

Brian Krebs has done research (as he does) and has found that the Lizard group has been hacking default password home routers around the world, and it seems they used them to attack Sony and Microsoft.

From Brian Krebs site’:

As we can see in that writeup, in addition to turning the infected host into attack zombies, the malicious code uses the infected system to scan the Internet for additional devices that also allow access via factory default credentials, such as “admin/admin,” or “root/12345”. In this way, each infected host is constantly trying to spread the infection to new home routers and other devices accepting incoming connections (via telnet) with default credentials.


Brian also noted that they are selling “access” to these hacked machines

lizardimage this is their site – I do not recommend that you look at this without some serious anonymization.



Does anyone have any Philotimo Φιλοτιμο. anymore?  Do the right thing –


Fix your routers after buying them – do not leave default credentials in them.

I have said this before

The purpose of hackers is to control your machines so that they can use them for whatever they want. (because they now “Pwn” them). Pwn is a hacker slang term which means the hacker controls and does whatever with your system.


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