The latest shoe to drop for Internet security?   Luc Gommans, a student at Roermond, Netherlands.

Although he is also working at HBO Software Engineering and
Cyber Security.


Has put together a test for the most basic connection of the Internet…  a TCP handshake test.



He goes on to explain a Man in the middle attack which he calls a Faking the TCP handshake.

True Luc, Internet technology is not secure by default.  One has to use secure encryption technologies (like TLS)


And for some it may not work correctly:

As you notice in the following:

“Your connection to is encrypted with obsolete technology”



from an old blog post:


And as you may know from our


Standard SSL is no longer compliant and can be relatively easy to hack.


So…  even encryption does not ensure security – so the technologies you use must be tested.

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