Yes you knew it would happen, Jan 28 is International Day of Privacy Day

Of course it has many meanings from authoritative sources:  or

this may be the most useful historical event I can see:

1973 – CBS-TV debuted “Barnaby Jones”  on January 28.


Yes my belief that we create days of this and that are various marketing ploys so marketers and bloggers have something to do.


Well, I am not falling for this. –

I want to highlight the inherent difficulties of computers, it is part of a basic Computer engineering classes(Numerical Analysis). which I took 24 years ago (and seem as plain as day to me)

I want to highlight the inherent errors in computer technologies:

Take the following calculations:

1.75*2.56 = 4.48

12/4.48 = 2.678 rounded to 2.77 (keeping only 2 decimals)

2.77 * 4.48 = 12.4096 or rounded to 12.41

If we now use the numbers that we multiplied with and used them again and again more errors will creep in. This is called “roundoff errors”


You can see what happens when we use a rounded off number and then start making calculations, the errors become larger and larger, this is called Numerical Algorithms and roundoff errors.


Here is an interesting introduction from a Greek university:


There are many aspects of computing errors inherent in computers without any help from busy system administrators that are trying to learn their craft for us in the security field.


There are inherent problems built into a lot of programs. The programmer did not mean to create  security issues. In fact the programmer may have built the latest techniques into the program to prevent security problems.



So when I say what has to be done is to test your systems I am not saying it for my own personal gain, but it is in the firm knowledge that this is the way to create a more secure world for you.


We have to test your environment to find the numerical errors in the Operating systems and network systems that are inherent in the systems. It is unfortunately a cost of doing business.

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