I Want My Internet 24/7- HACKERS KNOW THAT

Yes, we realize that everyone wants to Google something whenever you need to look up something.

Our Website must be up all the time.

Email has to work.

YouTube watching, surfing the Internet – it is our right to go wherever we want.

Visit Government websites when needed.

Watch Netflix, and all our News channels that we like.

I.e. we must have unfettered access to the Internet


This phenomenon  is  the very reason we have set up this website:

Your router and computer is always connected to the Internet (when on) – many times it is not turned off.  And now the kicker…


ALL the HACKERS know this.






These are just 3 of the 10 FBI Cyber most wanted.

I read about the hackers events every day, thus notice what they have done and are doing.


Whenever you connect your computer to the Internet (or phone or other device) you are connected to these guys.

And they are conspiring to get you every day of the week.  They do not have the 4th of July off, when you are off or sleeping they are working and eyeing to take over your computer so they can make their tens of thousands of dollars.

We on the other hand are more interested in running our business, or home lives rather than thinking about criminal hackers.


And we allow them since we are not interested in security. We as a whole are more interested in just living our lives, working hard, trying to make ends meet (which can be hard sometimes). But that is  not the world of these guys. They know how to make malware, to set up fake websites and send out millions of spam emails (phishing for victims)

If you do not have all problems fixed in your machines they will get in and try to make money – somehow, someway.

The attacks are getting much more sophisticated, focusing on specific industries, looking over your LinkedIn and Facebook profile to target emails – phishing attempts.

You may want to hide, but you are not hiding


In fact the risk management model that we are using has big problems(check this post from March) http://oversitesentry.com/why-risk-management-model-failed-us/


We are being bombarded by millions of scans per minute:


10.8 million scans from 1.76 million hosts  (from a scientific report of 2014.

You can be assured that has continued and increased from 2014.


IF you have any weakness that will be exploited not if but when.


So what should be done?

The only thing that can be done is to run your own scans to make SURE that there are no mistakes.

We can’t afford to make mistakes any more – the criminal hackers are out there working to find your flaws.


These guys are actively working on hacking you – (I bet there are more than the top10 cyber most wanted)


Contact Us to scan your systems for vulnerabilities:

Test your systems with our 4 service products ( A,ΣΩ, and Ψ)

Or find a company that can help you test your systems, test your software, hire a social engineer to test your physical defenses.

The government will also turn up the heat on all of us to see if we really are saving privacy files of our employees and clients.



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