How Many Companies are getting Attacked By China?

It may be hard to source some attacks, but it depends on the attack as well. We also have to decide what data to use as to who got attacked?

Following data and image is from FBI report:

The answer to the question is 367 entities were attacked and reported to the FBI in 2018 from China.

So that was the amount of attacks that people reported. Do you really think that everyone who gets attacked reports the attacks to the FBI?

Total attacks: 4556 India

3970 UK

2880 Canada

1227  Australia

1144 Georgia

622 Germany

605 Brazil

591 Mexico

514 Greece

511 Phillipines

471 Russian Federation

428 France

409 South Africa

384 Italy

371 Hong Kong

371 Switzerland

367 China

331 Spain

316 Portugal

311 japan


Total Attacks: 20379


I want to also warn everyone – will this count be less this year? Will we depend on digital technologies less this year?

China and many other attack points will keep coming at us.


Contact US to audit your defense.

It may also be time for us to reduce our Chinese exposure, as a Chinese drone manufacturer has a security flaw that allows hackers to grab  your details.  It is almost as if this is set up on purpose – make the product easy to hack and then sell them to unsuspecting Americans.  Later hack them with more data on them.

“Chinese drone giant Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) commands more than 70 per cent of the global market, supplying products for personal, commercial, and even military use.”  from

I think we need to have operational risk assessments – which may include to stop buying Chinese made IT products.




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