Fri. May 27th, 2022

Information has a way to reduce uncertainty, but we also have to be ready to make a decision (make a call).  How much information is enough? Or is too much information the problem?


Are you willing to make changes once you learn some more information – what if the info you learned  makes your original decision a bad one?

Are you in a state of paralysis?

Since there are too many choices … it is best to do nothing?

It is like the feeling of just surviving day-to-day is good enough?

We should assign responsibility as noted here: in Threatpost article : Time to build Accountability back into Cybersecurity


And review our cloud security as noted here: : Cloud Security Holes Are Invites for Ransomware: Report


The third article is at Schneier on Security: Ransomware Attacks against Water treatment Plants


Thus with just 3 articles a number of pieces of information should become obvious.

Ransomware is impactful, so I wanted to bring a focus on it.

The ransomware threat is one of the highest possible risks a company can have.

It would not be wise to just sit and do nothing!! It might be easier to skate and do nothing for a while. But this is not a good idea.



It is better to start working on your cybersecurity and work on your Security Policy by starting with my book – “Too Late,  You’re hacked! Defending your Small Business Computers and Networks”



how can you stay ahead of the game

The problem of Ransomware and general cyberattacks  are a real issue.


Do we have to ‘win’?   First one must ask what is ‘winning’?



When is the right time to improve Cybersecurity? There is likely no ‘right’ time just start improving your situation a little at a time is good!


Is it because you do not know where to start?

You can start with my book of course – it is a good beginning to get a cyber defense started:

Goto the Order Book link  where you can go the publisher : Publishing Concepts  and purchase a digital or hardcopy (paperback) 6″x9″ book.


here is a historical reference image from the book (one of many images)



Notice how in 2014 Cryptowall the criminals got a lot more money…


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