Digital Security in Risk Assessment

As time goes on your risk assessment needs to be re-evaluated, especially as computer resources change.

If we had a crystal ball what would the future bring?


It is lucky there are smart people thinking about this very issue.  In the following Youtube video about a discussion with Dr. Mchio Kaku at St. Petersburg College. Booz & Company’s Chief Marketing and Knowledge Officer Tom Stewart moderated the Big Think panel with Dr. Michio Kaku, Michael Shrage(MIT Sloan School of management), Isabelle Aguilera(former CEO of Google Spain ops), Peter Diamandis (X-Prize founder)   Big Think Panel link

Are We Ready For the Coming ‘Age of Abundance?’ – Dr. Michio Kaku (Full)



Commodity capital is transforming to Intellectual capital.

Small groups have more power and it is the “Age of Abundance”  because there will be    Distributed health, education, solar energy cost  dropping at 30% per year.

What does the world look like when we have abundant energy?  Because it is hard to think in that manner with 30% reduction of electricity year after year. Just like Moore’s law made a dramatic change to the computer companies and the rest of the world, this was not obvious in the sixties. In the sixties the computers were huge as it took 20 years for the first personal computers to cost $3,000 – $5000.

So the digital divide is not the problem as everyone will have a computer (in the form of a smart phone). And the next X-prize will be a tricorder for health, so the doctor will become your smart phone computer.


Some of the euphoria of future technologies and potential was brought back to earth by so-called “speed bumps”.

Besides regulations being written for  new technologies, it will be the new criminals in our digital age.


While we are building the new world there will be people who will try to just steal what you make. And unfortunately we also have globalization to deal with. As a billion more people come onto the Internet there will be “speed bumps”. Remember when you are on the Internet you are connected to all the criminals , it is as if they are all living next door to you. The speed of light is very fast.


Privacy will be an issue, instead of Big brother and Orwell’s 1984, it will be little brother that we need to worry about. The person next door who may snoop on us, or the local city or other ways that have yet to be devised.


Interesting to me on a personal note, no one discussed space technologies


since we are focused on Internet security it was interesting to hear the panelists discuss the cyber security angle from a crime point of view only. Notice from previous posts that viruses and malware are now being devised by other nation states and their criminals (which the nation state may be turning a blind eye to)


As more people come online also as Cisco Internet of things report says 25 Billion devices will be online in 2015.  What is your risk assessment now?

cisco internet of things   there will be more viruses and more spam and criminals coming online. ciscointernetofthings

we have to be ready for the coming wave