Cybersecurity Attacks Never Strike Same Place Twice Right?

There is a myth that was busted(Lightning never strikes the same place twice) by the Mythbusters at

(image from youtube video)

As you see in the youtube video, lightning can strike the same place 50 times actually. This makes scientific sense actually, as the WVAH tv tower shows if a metal rod is the highest point during electrical(thunder) storms. And since it is the highest point the large amount of positive energy in the clouds will create electrical circuit for a brief instant to jump to the rod.

So in cybersecurity  do you think if you had a weakness in process 10 years ago and did not fix it,  unfortunately a cyber breach occurred.   Now that it occurred once would it occur again?

Or in another brain teaser – If your process is not good enough to prevent a cyber breach will you be breached  even though you were never breached before?   The entire Psychology of Security should be dumped in the trash can.

It is not wise for most of us to ignore or delay reviewing our cyber defenses for any reason (including cost). The cost of a cyber breach goes so high as to even result in destruction of the business.


This makes sense as if you have an incorrect defensive cyber process the breach may cause data loss in the form of Ransomware on your devices. As you may know if you have a cybersecurity vulnerability on your machines they are susceptible to Ransomware which result in your loss of data.

So what you say, I have a backup, so it will not effect me. That may be true, but have you tested your backup to make sure it will actually result in a seamless transition?  In other words, a test for you to see the restored data on a separate machine?

If you have not actually tested the restore then one is leaving the corporation on a risk of how well the backup was performed. So you may get a partial recovery, which may or may not be enough to keep you in business.

The answer to the question do Cyberattacks hit the same place twice, yes of course. Due to the hackers making large attacks looking for vulnerable machines. If 20-25% of machines are not patching their machines on a regular basis then millions of  machines are susceptible to attacks and will make more attacks themselves. So the exact opposite will happen, just like on the radio tower that is the highest point in an electrical storm, the weak computer machines will create more and more attacks, thus finding all the weak machines and infecting them.

So the maxim will be: If you have a weak machine then it will be attacked no matter if you have been breached before or not. And one of these days the attacks are going to be successful, which means you will lose your data to ransomware. And I hope you have tested your backups. the day of a catastrophe is not the time to test your restore process.

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