Cyberjoke Friday v1.9.1

Internet Help Desk  Youtube:

“The hold button is your best friend”   Who is the boss?

from 2001  video.

Can’t get your email – Can you be more specific

Please turn on your computer!!

this is what happens when you are on hold:


Plan B when there is a 12:00 flasher ask for the kid in the house.

12:00 flasher is when all the devices in the house flash 12:00

can’t fix

It is a problem when the people are not versed in basic IT functions and have not spent the time to do basic troubleshooting (like is the computer on).


Another aspect is Social engineering …

Microsoft tech Scammer:

The Scammer  is very shift and does not answer what company they are from.

Always says I am from Windows Technical Department

The main thing is the scammer  wanted the user to get access to the computer.


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