Cyber Attack Industry

Do you wonder what makes these guys who attack us every day tick?


fbi-criminalsthe McAfee

Article on the “growth” industry

Personally  I have bumped into a few instances of this phenomena(extortion and cryptolocker):

extortiononly    cryptowall2.0message


As well as phone extortion artists


After infecting the computer they have you call them and then will try and extort money because they will conveniently “fix your computer”.


All of these people want to make money, they are criminals preying on gullible, low information computer users.

“Anti-Hacker Plus” fake app



anti-hackerapp-removed   they set up fake apps on Android app store and sometimes even the apple store.


The Network World article is bringing up the unfortunate effect of having to pay extortionists or you may not get your data back.


The problem is if everyone had a backup of their data (which is what you are supposed to do) then none of us would ever have to pay the ransomware criminals or  other types of malware criminals.



As I have discussed in past.  we have to get our cyber defenses in  shape, we have to get better, build better products. deploy them, configure them and monitor our cyber world.


But most of all, we absolutely cannot take chances, so like the Moon NASA venture beat the Soviet space race, we have to test our cyber defense.


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That is what we need 3 words:  Test For Security -testing your environment is what wil keep your IT department going or your outsourced IT department, your cloud provider, your ISP.  Everyone should be doublechecked…  the stakes are higher than they were, since we will need the Internet even more in the future.

The alternatives are not going to be pretty:



cybercrimes-june 2010



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