Yes an angry programmer hacker is mad they are not getting paid enough for their work, so they showed what they were doing to let everyone know how important they are!!

Threatpost link about this story.



Apparently the command and control servers are at the following IP addresses:

There have been a few people that have looked through th

how can you stay ahead of the game

e revealed data and said that is exactly like what current attacks by Conti has accomplished.

So what can possibly go wrong? we just found out some intel on the adversary and they basically told us what to block. This is good right?

Yes and No.

yes we got the intel and no other criminal attackers are  now also privy to the plan. These other attackers will take this plan and modify a bit. Add some other servers, make some changes and try it themselves. I.e. they will improve this attack plan.

Remember the attackers are always getting caught and recycled. there is always another person trying their luck. The problem is the rewards are huge, so there will always be another attacker.

The only thing you can do is to defend best you can with your own circumstances.

I have a new video explaining this on my website:

There are 5 steps to take and one can buy my book to get started.


Here is a comparison of the possibilities before a breach and after…

maybe you should spend some money before a breach, instead of after?


contact me also is another way.


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