China Attacks and We Do? Nothing for most part

Chinese Hackers Eye US Cancer Research:

This is another outrageous attack on our companies and institutions as Chinese APT  hacker groups appear to be linked to stealing information from Cancer research


Here is a news story about espionage by Chinese paid doctors. NBCnews story about 3 scientists removed from  MD Anderson Cancer Center

FireEyE  published a report on how the Chinese

Focused attacks in healthcare to steal medical research

FireEye was the company that documented and released the Unit 61398 (China military attacking World targets since 2004) report about the APT1 group.

Since 2006 Mandiant (today a FireEye company)  has observed APT1 compromise 141 companies in 20 major industries.


So it is obvious to all people who keep up on these things, that China has stolen or can have access to many companies as many times as they want:

“Once APT1 has established access, they periodically revisit the victim’s network over several months or years and steal broad categories of intellectual property, including technology blueprints, proprietary manufacturing processes, test results, business plans, pricing documents, partnership agreements, and emails and contact lists from victim organizations’ leadership.”


So I want to ask now why would the Chinese even want to embark on this type of method to interact with the world?  Do they think they will make friends over the long term?  Are they interested in making friends? Or are they obsessed with history? The history of the Boxers rebellion and the general weakness of the Qing dynasty until the dynasty came to an end in 1911.  The weakness of the Qing dynasty and teh early days of the republic caused all kinds of things to happen which the western governments took full advantage of.

So this stealing and taking is just payback? Yes in part. It is also a fulfillment of Confucius philosophy and his understanding of Tian (or heaven), specifically the fact that only the Chinese can be close to heaven.  It does not even have to be pure Confucius thought as long as the interpretation has been accepted by most people.  Including one of the 3 great Confucian  philosophers (Xunzi) that rejects that humans are innately good.

So if the Chinese thinking is completely different than yours that is because their books are written with different philosophies.


It actually does not matter the exact thinking the Chinese have, as we will not understand it anyway.  We should not try to find nuance in Confucian philosophy, all we need to do is understand that thinking is different and we have to modify our strategic thinking.

Look at the PLA  hierarchy:

and where the unit 61398 is in the hierarchy.

The main thing I see in this diagram is a dictator and his government structure. everything else is just a confirmation of his rule. Can an underling find a few words in Confucianism to say we can do XYZ? I am sure it can be found.


We have to ‘try’ to deny the freewheeling rip-off artists so that we can keep our IP(Intellectual Property) as long as possible.


Today it is health care information, tomorrow it will be whatever is the latest technology or service to be stolen. The Chinese do not have a judiciary equal with the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). The CCP is always going to run everything in China. There are no checks and balances, there is only full power by the person on top. This to me is the definition of dictatorship.

So if we have a complaint with them, there is no court that will adjudicate with them in a position of power, unless we have power as well (military or Cyber).

So what we need is our own Cyber power, defensive and offensive. That is my suggestion to fight back against China.

As it is we do nothing as you can plainly see in the news stories.

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