Cybersecurity Not High Priority for Public

Mr. Goldberg on Bloomberg West was interviewed (video):   We put on our Pinterest page as well : “This is a strange phenomena, getting used to it, and less concerned” This survey was done a “week ago” “This is an annoyance”   “Something really bad has to happen for the public to pay attention” … Read more

How much Cyber Risk Can I Take?

2014 was the “Year of the Breach” they say with the usual credit card breaches: Home Depot, Target and more… The clincher was the ultimate attack with Sony corp that brought the network down completely. It was an unusual attack, since the attackers actually stole data and then deleted it. Thus the network became unusable. … Read more

Asus RT series routers vulnerable

Security Week has the story: Discussion of researcher Longenecker posting the CVE-2014-2718 and CVE-2014-2719 shows flaws for the Asus RT series routers, either with the admin password being revealed or that the firmware update process does not use https (port 443), a secured/encrypted method. a man-in-middle(MitM) attack can occur, since a http session can be … Read more

Change your Google passwords add 2FA

Time magazine has a short story   5 million Google passwords were seen on a Russian hacker forum. Although Google denies it, This is a good time to set up two-factor identification and institute a better password (if you have not done so already) Contact Us  

Check your own ports on the Internet

There are some good tools on the Internet (free) Like this one: This is just a basic port scan (likely tcp open check) unfortunately a hacker will use multiple scans and some of the different flags a packet can have.   There are 2^8 ports and 6 different flags for packets (SYN/ACK/RST/FIN/URG/PSH) A good … Read more