P.F. Chang restaurant gets hacked

Krebsonsecurity has the story It happened on March 2014. After the card information is harvested, they are then sold on the hacker’s black market. It is here where the breach was found. It is not known where it happened, and how many cards were affected. The hackers black market is not that informative.   Again we … Read more

Android Malware – iBanking steals passwords

This is a typical example how malware authors make money. They sell their programs and have other people make the attacks on you. RSA blogs has the story  – RSA is a security division of EMC company which has security encryption RSA was one of the first practicable public-key cryptosystems and is widely used for … Read more

Gang of hackers infiltrated Navy, other government and AT&T Uverse

A gang of 3 hackers were caught and have now been charged with conspiring to hack government computers. A Wired story discusses the different hacks that occured: 1.  gang is accused of using SQL-injection hacks and other methods to gain access to various systems including ones belonging to the U.S. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency the … Read more

what kind of attacks can come?

  attacks will come in all types and methods, some will be standard – and some turbo charged. The reason a new vulnerability is such a big deal, is that any little problem vulnerability can cause a hacker to get a small connection with your systems. And unfortunately any small connection can led to larger … Read more

Heartbleed – on the mend

Internet Storm Center says Heartbleed around the net is slowly being patched. How do they know that?  Well, in case you are not a programmatic person… One can easily scan the Internet to find out what is going on, and that is exactly what the bad guys are doing all the time. They know when … Read more