New PHP software available – update soon

When PHP says new software is available:  Then it is a good idea to perform the updates, as security enhancements are done for a reason. You dont want to end up in the headlines. Our more advanced service: Sigma (Σ) is the one to check if you have old software running

Linksys E1200 vulnerable – needs patching

Internet Storm Center has  captured the Linksys E1200 exploit. This is another reason to patch your systems, and if you don’t the bad hackers out there will use your machine for their ends. A full Packet Capture of the exploit has a link in ISC in case you want to review.

Target Retail and Michaels craft credit card bungles

let’s discuss the credit card number fiascos of Target and Michaels. Krebs on Security Blog got the scoop on Jan 14. No business wants to be the focal point of an investigation: a large credit card processor was seeing hundreds of cards that all had been recently used at Michaels. And unfortunately Michaels has had … Read more