Computer hacker pleads guilty on ATM fraud

CBS local in New York has an audio spot $14mil  in 2 days in 17 countries on 15000 ATM devices. Apparently JPMorgan Chase processed debit card transactions for the American Red Cross.   The hackers increased the withdrawal limits on the debit cards and then used the card information to withdraw money all over the … Read more

NASDAQ, PNC Bank, Heartland Payment Systems, 7-Eleven, JC Penney hacked

Arstechnica has an old story that I thought was interesting: From 2005 – 2012 there were multiple break -ins thus the hacker “owned” the various company sites. The overwhelming attack vector sued was SQL -injection. Her is an excerpt that I want to emphasize: “NASDAQ is owned,” Aleksandr Kalinin, a 26-year-old resident of St. Petersburg, Russia, … Read more

targeted malware campaign -> to exploits in Dropbox

Malware campaign is using some old and new methods. One email claims to be from Maersk shipping line and the attachment (word doc) opens a backdoor connection to two hacker command and control servers The dropbox domain is also referenced, the links attempt to contact londonpaerl (. )co (. )uk and selombiznet(.)net (I added the … Read more

Paypal two factor authentication bypassed by testers

Duosecurity has bypassed the Two-factor authentication This is effect makes the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) useless. this means that a password still has to be guessed(broken into) by the hackers for the account to be compromised. Essentially if you set up your PayPal account for “extra” security, unfortunately that did not pan out.  2FA is … Read more