New Internet Explorer vulnerability Microsoft confirms

This is considered  client side vulnerability.

Where the user on their computer can click on a webpage or link using Flash and then the system will be compromised (a malware would kick off and the system will do the master program bidding).

this is a good reason why I use Chrome  and firefox to reduce some exposure liability.

KrebsonSecurity has some more info.

Microsoft patch Tuesday is upon us this week (2nd Tue in month)

The Storm  center announces patch Tuesday with a typical list of new vulnerabilities

And a big reminder – Windows XP will have its last update in April


But also Office 2003 will have its last update in April as well. So please update our operating systems and Office versions in case you have not yet.

(even to the old machine in the back that should just be retired.) It is not a good idea to reuse computers and not watch them.  reusing a computer has too many risks.

Target Retail and Michaels craft credit card bungles

let’s discuss the credit card number fiascos of Target and Michaels. Krebs on Security Blog got the scoop on Jan 14.

No business wants to be the focal point of an investigation: a large credit card processor was seeing hundreds of cards that all had been recently used at Michaels.

And unfortunately Michaels has had this happen before(May of 2011).

There are problems in your IT security when these types of breaches occur again and again.

In all Security operations one must test the configurations, and preferably with an independent set of eyes, that is where we come in aty OversiteSentry.