WordPress weaknesses requires vigilence

As Forbes article discusses: Update your plugins and widgets when they are vulnerable, use complex passwords, and otherwise use good security methodologies. It is the basics that people are not doing. What is easy to use makes it less secure, thus requiring more effort by the user or administrator to make sure it is secure … Read more

WordPress DDOS potential overplayed?

That is what Jason Cohen (CTO of WP engine) is saying at blogs.csoonline.com He also said: (what the pingback function does, calling it “an altruistic, friendly, social system.”) What can happen is a lot of pingbacks with the links in the comments.  If done  on many pages with a lot of effort it can happen. … Read more

Microsoft Sysinternals have been updated.

Windows Sysinternals  is updating PsExec, ProcessExplorer, and PsPing Psexec runs on port 445 and 139 which means it runs with other Microsoft programs and can hide itself within the normal funcitons of the computer. The problem with this? hackers look for tools like this to see how they can develop a next generation malware attacks. … Read more