Security is doing all the little things – including testing

When one thinks about security, one should think about the little things that have to be done. Patching systems, rebooting. patching all the applications. checking the Access control Lists for new apps and ports. ensuring the web apps are checked not just for bugs, but insecurities. And finally test – and check for open and … Read more

System admin goes to coffee shop

System admin Jim is sitting in a café getting his favorite cappuccino, while waiting for the drink to be prepared he flips open the notebook computer and goes to his favorite website – checking on sports and news. Then of course checks his email with outlook on his desktop. What he did not realize is … Read more

Linux admin is busy with software installations

Our Linux admin is a pretty sharp guy, he is working on updating website technology (php version). We have to keep up with patches  and new technical abilities. Unbeknownst to him, a hacker somehow placed a “crontab” entry which will run every 60 minutes shutting down defenses and opening other attack avenues. The hacker used … Read more