Attackers and Virus Hacks

What is the worst that can happen during a world wide virus crisis?

Hackers taking advantage and using a crisis to steal more of your money

Example at krebsonsecurity is the elaborate scam where a bank customer was called by the hackers telling him (and her) the last 3 transactions(because they got them from the bank). The customer called the REAL bank – WHILE the hacker was also on the phone with the bank. This made for a confusing time at the bank and at the customer location. Because it seemed like they were talking to the bank (since they had much information)…  BUT we must do the basics:

Remember to hang up on robocalls, and hang up on anyone who is not familiar.

Anyone that calls you and wants information or money… hang up.

They have to prove to you who they are, and they can’t do that so hang up.

The hackers are changing attacks to take advantage of new attack angles.

Whatever you are using, attackers try to hack.

Zoom, email, text, Facebook, twitter, industry websites, apps, 2FA.


Whatever you are using you better have a defense strategy since it will be used against you.

Once the hacker is in your system what can possibly happen?

There is a lot of Ransomware out there: Ransomware Hit ATM Giant Diebold Nixdorf

Covid-19 inspires Nigerian Scammers to launch waves of BEC (Business Email Compromise) campaigns   SCMagazine story

REvil(ransomware) hackers extort law firm with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Elton John as clients SCMagazine story

WordPress Page Builder Plugin Bugs Threaten 1 Million Sites with Full Takeover – Threatpost story

Huge toll of Ransomware attacks revealed in Sophos Report – nakedsecurity.sophos story



And these are just in the last few days stories about ransomware, hackers, email compromise, and more mayhem every day on the Internet!!!

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