Application Security Testing : Do It Now

Yes as Veracode says:

They list 3 misconceptions:

  1. QA (Quality Assurance) is when development is done.
  2. Third party software does not need testing
  3. Developers don’t care about security


We have to perform QA during development as well as after.

All software needs security testing and not just functional testing.

Sio what should you actually do when application testing (apptesting)

What about others? like

Pradeep is QA lead in Minnesota company and writes for


Usability testing

Database testing

Security testing

Compatibility testing

Database testing

Performance testing


He explains each step of testing . The problem with security testing is that it becomes highly specialized very quickly.  This is why we have made a partnership with 

They focus on pentesting (security testing).


You can see that this is a complex endeavor and the first thing that has to be done is to get permission to perform pentesting, you then get an idea of how carefully we take care of your data.


Then a consistent and thorough approach will be done to perform the application testing.

This may include cloud pieces, api testing and mobile testing.


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