We have all heard or seen the headlines Sony gets hacked, Home Depot Credit Card processing stolen, Target credit Card processing stolen, and more and more companies are all getting hacked.

So big deal you say how did that happen?

The human factor

Yes, most of the reason breaches occur is a human employee clicks on spam or runs a misconfigured application.

But we seem to be making it easy for hackers

easy   hackers are just pushing a few buttons and hacking successfully.


Or you can just disconnect from the Internet: http://oversitesentry.com/we-guarantee-100-security-dont-use-computers-dont-do-anything/




To keep things simple,

So what are 3 things that anyone can do to help save you from these bad guys? ($3mil reward for Evgeniy Bogachev for example):



#1 Change default passwords – Doh!!

#2 Create long passwords with numbers (15+char)

#3 Do not reuse passwords

Of course there are many other things to do, but these 3 anybody can do and should do.

To start with the risk management process needs to be reviewed, there must not be any more errors in any security departments while also not using much time and effort.



If you do not know how to do this well, or if you think you need help there are many people out on the Internet that will help you.

If you want you can contact Us. and we will assist you in your efforts to be more secure(leave a comment to that effect)



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